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Wellness, relaxation and massages in Osnabrueck

Walhalla Wellness Wellness & relaxation

Culinary delight for your palate, your personal well-being program and free use of the spa make your short break an experience for all senses. 

How often do we yearn for a few days rest, a getaway from home and nevertheless stay at an exciting city with atmosphere and flair. 

Osnabrück is at your feet. With a view to the historic townhall you can relax in the sauna or steambath and at the latest after using our wellness showers, with either tropical rain or waterfall, you will forget your everyday life and invigorate under our innovative solarium. 

Massage – the healing touch – the most essential sensation to our body and probably the oldest form of healing is bodily contact. The body reacts dynamically to the stimulation of a massage and thus a regeneration of it's functions and self-healing power will be achieved.

For your individual well-being program which is tailored to your personal needs, please choose one of the following offers. Our masseuse will be happy to assist you making your appointment in advance.

You will find a brief description of the massage treatments in our wellness flyer.

Well-being program for her and him  

Your relaxation begins with basic foot bath followed by a foot massage, pedicure or manicure and a full body massage. Please choose between hot chocolate-, aroma therapy- or Lomi Lomi-massage.
A facial treatment basic for her, a fresh up for him.

Prices Massages

Spinal column- & back-massage 30 min. 35 €

Soothing relaxation of tight muscles; relieves discomfort and improves your well-being.


Facial & head-massage 30 Min. 40 €

The massage provides you a deep relaxation and stimulates the blood circulation.

Muscular tensions will be reduced, a deep sense of well-being will be the result.


Foot reflexology 30 Min. 40 €

The body self-healing powers will be stimulated through specific pressure impulses.


Aroma therapy massage 30 Min. 40 € | 60 Min. 80 €

Your body finds deep relaxation by receiving this gentle and sensitive massage with essential oils.


Hot chocolate-massage 30 Min. 40 € | 60 Min. 80 €

After this massage your skin will be smooth and silky, especially because we apply hot shea butter with a very high cocoa content.


Hot stone-massage 30 Min. 40 € | 60 Min. 80 €

A specific massage techique combined with hot stones will loosen tense muscles.


Abhyanga . ayurvedic massage 60 Min. 80 € | 90 Min. 120 €

This full body massage with hot sesame oil results in deep mental relaxation. This massage will have a relaxing and regenerating effect.

Prices Face & décolleté

Basic 60 min. 60 €

Facial cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction, mask, final treatment.


Classic 60 min. 80 €

Facial cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction, facial and décolleté massage, mask, final treatment.


Deluxe 75 min. 100 €

Basic foot bath, facial cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction, moisturizing ampoule, mask, soothing massage of face, hand and foot, final treatment with an intensive firming and vitalizing anti-aging active substances.


"Fresh up" for him 60 min. 60 €

Facial cleansing, tonic, peeling, mask, soothing massage of face, neck and head, final treatment.


Pampering program for her and him 180 min. 200 €

Your relaxation starts with an aromatic foot bath followed by a soothing foot massage, pedicure or manicure and a full body massage. 
You may choose between hot chocolate, aroma oil or lomi lomi massage.
A facial treatment basic for her, a "fresh up" for him.

Prices Beautiful nails

Pedicure for wonderful relaxed feet 60 min. 50 €
with nail polish 55 €
with foot bath and foot massage 60 €


Manicure for beautiful and well-groomed hands 60 min. 50 €
with nail polish 55 €
with fragranced bath & hand massage 60 €

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