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Romantik Hotel Walhalla in Osnabrueck

Chronicle The oldest hotel of Osnabrueck

... the hotel "Walhalla" is situated in the core of the old town of Osnabrueck, right opposite the Town Hall, the Curch St. Mary, the City Scales and the stair-gabled houses at the market place.

 Its front premises use the gorgeous baroque half-timbered construction which the court steward Gerdt Heindrich Meuschen had built in 1690 in Bierstrasse 24.

 The hotel received the name "Walhalla" from one of his later owners. Before that it was called „Ratsschänke“. Walhall, in the German mythology, was the place of residence of Wodan, a heroic paradise where the Valky’s fighters gathered for heavenly banquets.



Chronicle - Destruction & Reconstruction

On March, 11th 1613 a devastating fire broke out in the court house of the Twente in Schweinestrasse 5, the current Marienstrasse. Because of a strong southwest wind the fire spread to the wooden half-timbered houses, barns and stables of the old town at great speed.

 Numerous town houses in Marienstrasse, Heger Strasse, Große and Kleine Gildewart, Bierstrasse and Turmstrasse, St. Mary's church and the City Scales as well as the Dominican monastery, the Hasetor and the bishop's mill completely burnt down.

 Today a board in St. Mary's church reads:

 „Ao. 1613 d. 11. March, this church and tower, and 942 houses in this town are reduced to ashes by the will of the Lord..."



Chronicle The owner of Walhalla

Since 1995 Mr and Mrs Andreas and Tanja Bernard manage the hotel Walhalla together. Andreas Bernard received his basic education at the famous "Four seasons" in Hamburg. Other stations of the successful hotel graduate in business management were the "Claridge's" in London, the "Breidenbacher Hof” in Düsseldorf, the "Rafael" in Munich and the "Cornell University" in the state of New York.

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 International Guests

were accommodated in Osnabrueck’s traditional hotel "Walhalla" on the occasion of the 350-years anniversary celebration of the Westphalian peace treaty

 It started with Queen Silvia of Sweden on November, 23rd 1997 who came for the opening of the exhibition "Christina, Queen of Sweden" to the city at the Hase.

On June, 5th and 6th 1998 followed the Dalai Lama, the religious head of the Tibetans.

October, 24th 1998 brought the event of the century for Osnabrueck as well the the hotel "Walhalla"

350 years ago the peace treaty that marked the end of the Thirty Years' War was signed in Osnabrueck and Muenster.

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 Famous Citizens of Osnabrueck

Osnabrueck is worth a visit, and the restaurant "Walhalla" expects you. The author Erich Maria Remarque wrote in his novel "The Black Obelisk:

 „Let us have a firts-class meal... Let's go to the Walhalla."

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 The inscriptions

A beautiful entrance welcomes the guest of the "Walhalla" in Osnabrueck and a medallion above the door indicates the owner of the house: Gerdt Heindrich Meuschen and his wife Susanna Gertraudt von Lengerken. Angels with both family coat of arms are showing an inscription "Dominus Providebit"



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