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 Information about the environmental badge

Since 2010, the city of Osnabrück has established a green zone - vehicles (also foreign) passing through this restricted area are obliged to carry a green environmental badge on their windshield. Otherwise a penalty of EUR 80.00 may incur.

The environmental badges are available from 5.10 € in any authorized garage / filling station, the DEKRA and the TÜV (on submission of the vehicle’s registration documents).

Further informationen:

TÜV-Nord: Ordering an environmental badge (external link)


Our hotel has 46 own parking spaces in an underground parking garage and a big carport, both located next to the hotel. All areas are private and not publicly accessible. We have valet parking.

If our own parking spaces are occupied, your car will be moved by our valet to a public garage and brought back to the hotel whenever you need it. Your car is insured against possible damages when our valet drives your car. We do not assume any liability for parked cars. The parking rules are to be respected. The parking spaces are under video-surveillance.

If you drive an electric car, we can offer you 2 electricity charging stations, one for Tesla and one for universal connections. Please make your reservation in advance if you need a parking space at our electric filling station. We have to charge 5 ,- € per battery charging.

We ask for your understanding that our parking spaces are reserved for our hotel guests only.

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